11 Best Raspberry Pi Courses to Master your Pi

Mastering a Raspberry Pi includes many topics like hardware, operating system, programming, electronics, etc …
Even if you already know one or two things from your previous experiences it’s not always easy to learn everything alone
The best way to improve your skills is to follow online courses that will guide you through each step you need to know in order to master a specific topic

What are the best online courses to learn Raspberry Pi?
There are several well-known websites to learn various subjects and it includes Raspberry Pi
Udemy, Skillshare and Coursera are the best platforms to find cheap Raspberry Pi courses

You already know the best website to learn about Raspberry Pi 🙂
But today’s topic is different
I’ll show you a list of the 11 best online video courses to learn anything you can imagine about Raspberry Pi

By the way, if you don’t have a budget to afford a course for now (if you just got your Raspberry Pi stuff, I completely understand), you can join Skillshare for a free 14-day trial. It includes courses from the best teachers in many categories, including IT (Linux, programming, …) and Raspberry Pi. I highly recommend getting this offer now, so that you can already learn a bunch of things in the next fortnight. I’m a fan of their services personally 🙂

The Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming

I see good feedbacks about this one everywhere when doing my research, so I have to put it as the first answer

It’s a paid course like all the bests out there, but you will have for your money, the course is presented by Ian Harris and divided in 4 modules:

  • Module 1 (4 hours) : Introduction about Raspberry Pi, installation and configuration
  • Module 2 (3 hours) : Linux introduction about files, permissions and processes
  • Module 3 (3 hours) : Python on Raspberry Pi, everything you need to know to use Python (expressions, functions, lists etc)
  • Module 4 (4 hours) : GPIO pins usage

Each module is divided into shorts videos under 10min, so you don’t have to take 4 hours to watch the course
Most of them offers survey, quiz and global information about the module

The best review for this course is:

Extremely helpful if you want to start using Raspberry Pi. Gives you the required knowledge to kickstart your Raspberry Pi learning and you get a hint of python programming as well which is useful

GB, Coursera

Coursera offers a 7 days free trial, so you can probably take this course for free. If not, it will be a monthly payment, around $39 each month to take any courses

Here is the link if you want to know more : this course on Coursera

Complete Python 3 Masterclass

This one is Python oriented, I recommend knowing the basics on Raspberry Pi, but after this course you’ll know everything about Python, for Raspberry Pi and also other computers

Here is the summary of the beginning :

  • Setup Python on Windows
  • Python and Raspberry Pi (install Raspbian, Python introduction)
  • Getting started with Python (Hello World!)
  • Python programming basics (operators, print and input functions)
  • Arithmetic with Python
  • Conditional statements (if, then, else)
  • Operators (membership, logical, bitwise)
  • Loops (While, for)
  • Functions

At this step you’ll know everything about Python, and you’ll start to experiment things with NumPy and Matplotlib, and finally use the GPIO pins

If your goal is to often use Python later, it’s really a complete course to master it
Here is a review to get a better idea:

This course has EVERYTHING , including SOURCE CODE FILES !
Well designed, well implemented , and contains ALL necessary resources.

Robert Schemmel, Udemy

The price is cheap (under $20 in one payment) and the course is absolutely complete (19 hours of video lessons!)

If you’re interested, check the link here: Complete Python 3 Masterclass
Udemy offers a high discount if you register for the course quickly

Raspberry Pi Tutorials (Tech Erudio)

This course is available for free on YouTube so you can try it without excuses 🙂

It’s old (2012), but the basics are always the same, so you can probably grab good information in it
The course is a playlist of 15 videos, probably 3 hours in total

Here is the first one to give you an idea of what it is:

There is no recent videos on the channel, but Tech Erudio made a good work about this
Here is the link to the playlist: Raspberry Pi Tutorials

2019 Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi

Lee Assam offers a complete overview of the Raspberry Pi in this generalist course
You will have access to 78 videos for a total of 5 hours of lessons

The course includes things from Raspberry Pi setup to building an Amazon Echo clone through GPIO stuff and software installations tutorials

You can get a high discount on the price if you order now, check the price here: Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Tutorials (TheZanShow)

Here is another free course on YouTube, produced by Alexander Baran-Harper

More recent than the first one of this list (2017), with 49 videos oriented on software and projects you can build with a Raspberry Pi
There is also a big part with components you can plug to the GPIO pins and how to use them (LED, button, relay)

Here is the first video of the course :

And you can check the complete playlist here

Build Your Retro Games Machine

This one is awesome if you want to use your Raspberry Pi as a retro gaming machine

You’ll learn how to install and play with Retropie, Recalbox and LAKKA
Chris O’Connor made a good job in popularizing the theory about retro gaming, but knows how it works and will show you exactly what you can do by this three operating systems

donkey kong retropie

Check the price and the complete course program here: Retro gaming course

Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners

Here is another free course you can watch on YouTube, on the Core Electronics channel
Published in 2017, it’s a playlist with 30 videos with basics about Raspberry Pi

Here are the key parts you’ll find inside:

  • Beginner basics on how to install and manage Raspbian
  • GPIO and Python introduction
  • Graphic interface with Python
  • IoT introduction (IFTTT and Particle Pi)

Without further ado, here is the link to the course: Raspberry Pi Workshop

Tech Explorations™ Raspberry Pi Full Stack

Do you want to add the line “Raspberry Pi Full Stack Expert” on your resume?
If yes, here is the course you need
And its on UDEMY, so it’s cheap in the very first hours when you use the link for the first time

The content is awesome with 89 videos for a 10 hours total:

  • Getting started with your Raspberry Pi
  • Managing backup and restore
  • GPIO Pins & Python
  • Web application creation

Here is a review from the Udemy page:

Very methodic, organized and detailed. I own at least 9 Raspberry Pis across the range of models, and have been running several applications for a couple of years now, and yet I got to learn something new when I went through the initial sections of setting up the Pi. I’ve signed up for another Raspberry Pi course by Dr Dalmaris because I feel that I have a lot more to learn !

Andy Menon , Udemy

And obviously, here is the link to the product page on Udemy: Raspberry Pi Full Stack

The Theory Behind Electronics

This one is special but I think it will help many of you
Internet websites talks about Raspberry Pi projects from scratch, but they consider you’re an expert in electronics, what you are probably not

That’s why starting with the basic and learn how electronics works before playing with complex circuits and voltage is probably a good idea

In this course, you’ll get an introduction to electric current, voltage, power, resistance, color codes, etc.
And the good news is as I recommend this classes to you, you can follow it for free by registering on Skillshare for a free trial

Here is the link: The Theory Behind Electronics

Raspberry Pi Bootcamp

It’s the last paid course of this list, and another generalist course
Produced by Lee Assam (two courses in this list, well done!), it’s named the Raspberry Pi Bootcamp

Reviews talk better than me:

The course is fun and engaging. I use this course to teach my kids and their friends (summer project) building Google Assistant. The instructions are clear and Lee is responsive in providing updated instructions since we use a different image downloaded from Google. I recommend this course as intro to Raspberry Pi for kids.

Hao Tran, Udemy

Here is the summary of this 3 hours long course:

  • Raspberry Pi and Raspbian setup
  • Introduction to GPIO pins and programming them
  • Install a web server and control circuits from here
  • Gaming sytem on Raspberry Pi introduction
  • Project: Create a Google Home clone

Here is the link for more details: Raspberry Pi Bootcamp for beginners

Raspberry Pi official website

Finally, do you know that you can find incredible lessons for free on the Raspberry Pi official website?
Yes, the Raspberry Pi Foundation offers free training with computing teachers in England

There are many courses available here, so I’ll let you discover this page directly here : Raspberry Pi Foundation courses


That’s already the end of this list with the best online courses for Raspberry Pi
I hope you found what you were looking for 🙂

If you’re interested to look for other resources, here are all the platform I link to in this post :

Feel free to make a search on it to find other courses that may better suit you

Now, if you already follow one video course about Raspberry Pi, would you like to share with others?
Leave a comment below!

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