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Here is the direct link to download the PDF file. The document is a summary of the main words and abbreviations you’ll need to understand. You will find them in most tutorials and often used in online forums. Just refer to this file when you stumble upon a new word.

With this file and a bit of practice, you’ll quickly be able to follow any tutorial!

Another gift for you!

The first steps for any new skill are always the hardest. You need to learn everything, you don’t see any major improvements, Google is becoming your best friend but doesn’t always have the answer (or the complete answer).

I have been there, and I want to help you to move to the fun part more quickly. Let me guide you with this course, where I’ll teach you everything you need in the correct order with simple words. At each step, you will find more information and can contact me at anytime if you are stuck somewhere.

Using a Raspberry Pi shouldn’t be complicated, let me guide you to save time, money and enjoy any new project faster than ever.

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