Download my Python Cheat Sheet

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Here is the direct link to download the PDF file. The document is a summary of the main syntaxes you’ll need to understand. You will find them in most tutorials and often used in online forums. Just refer to this file when you don’t remember the syntax to do something specific.

With this file and a bit of practice, you’ll quickly be able to follow any tutorial!

Another gift for you!

Python is a lot of fun and added potential to your Raspberry Pi once you know how to use it, but the first steps might be overwhelming, and you’ll need to practice a lot before being “fluent” in Python.

I want to help you to go faster during these steps, by learning only what you need, in the correct order. You’ll discover that you don’t need to spend 5 years at school or read a 1000 pages book about Python to do any project that require some code on your Raspberry Pi.

I can guarantee you’ll overcome your doubts and quickly achieve your goals. Your current level, age or your past failures don’t matter, trust me.

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