raspberry pi os July 4 new release

New Raspberry Pi OS Update: July 2024

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new update for Raspberry Pi OS, the operating system for Raspberry Pi single-board computers. This version, dated July 4, 2024, brings many improvements and new settings, especially in the user interface (UI) and customization options.

The focus of this update is to improve the customization of the desktop environment and to add support for new tools and features.

Major changes

  • Raspberry Pi Connect: This new tool for remote desktop support is now easier to manage and install via the first boot wizard, raspi-config, Raspberry Pi Configuration (GUI), and the Recommended Software tool.
  • Touchscreen Support: raspberrypi-ui-mods now supports new touchscreens and includes systemd-inhibit for overriding the hardware power key on Raspberry Pi 5.
  • Wayfire Improvements: The Wayfire compositor has been updated to fix crashes and touchscreen bugs.
  • Desktop Customization: You can now customize more than two desktops using the panel and PCManFM file manager.
  • Labwc Wayland Compositor: Labwc is now installed by default as an alternative to the Wayfire compositor and can be enabled through raspi-config. It also has theme settings in Pixflat and configuration support in raspberrypi-ui-mods.
  • Utility Updates:
    • gui-pkinst: Added whitelist for restricted package installation.
    • pishutdown: Reverted to using pkill for closing the desktop.
    • WayVNC: Improved handling of virtual displays and encryption.
    • wf-panel-pi: Enhanced for small screens, better keyboard handling, and icon highlighting.

Additional Updates

  • ARandR Utility: Added brightness control for DSI displays and better virtual display detection.
  • Keyboard Configuration: New options for setting keyboard layouts and PCIe speed in raspi-config.
  • Browser Updates: Chromium updated to version 125.0.6422.133 and Firefox to 126.0.
  • Security and Performance: Fixes for potential vulnerabilities and increased swapfile size.

How to Get the Update

The new Raspberry Pi OS release is available for download now.

You can get it through the Raspberry Pi Imager utility or directly from the official Raspberry Pi website.

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