Here are your hardware recommendations

Finding the best solution for you is not easy, right?
You might know what you want to do, but there is always something new coming, and it’s difficult to keep up with the hardware.

No worry, I will give you my recommendations below.
I will also add an alternative sometimes, if I think there is another option to consider, but will try to keep the minimum to give you the best advice, without having you to think too much about it.

My advice

My Raspberry Pi model recommendation for you:
Given your criteria, you can probably afford this kit on Amazon, that should be perfect

Even if it’s not your first Raspberry Pi, I still recommend taking a kit, you’ll be sure that everything is compatible with this model, and don’t have to disassemble another one each time you want to use it 🙂
By the way, from a pricing point of view, it’s a pretty good deal.


Buying a Raspberry Pi is a bit more expensive the first time, as you need all the basic accessories to get started (the next one will be cheaper I promise).
Even if I already recommended you a kit to get all the components, you might also need other accessories to plug everything, or for more comfort.
In this part, you’ll find my main recommendations for you:

  • Cables
    • Your kit already includes the power input, but not the display part.
      I don’t recommend using adapters, as they are often a source of problems.
      So, here are the cables you might need depending on the Raspberry Pi model and your screen input:
    • Raspberry Pi 4 (take two if you have two screens): Micro-HDMI to HDMI or Micro-HDMi to VGA(nothing better if you really need VGA)
    • Raspberry Pi 3 / Zero: HDMI to HDMI or HDMI to VGA

  • Keyboard/Mouse
    • For more comfort, I highly recommend this Bluetooth keyboard I’m using since my first Raspberry Pi and that works really well.
      It’s perfect in most cases, if you only need to type a few things, or remote control Kodi while watching your favorite movie
      For a desktop usage, you can always use a standard PC keyboard or even the one from the Raspberry Pi Foundation for a total look 🙂
  • Screen

I tried to keep the minimum information, but it’s not so simple 🙂

If you have any doubt, question or suggestion about this recommendation, feel free to reply to my email.

See you soon,