If you're just curious and need a Raspberry Pi to start new projects, you're at the good place.
Here are the two Raspberry Pi I'm currently using for any kind of projects
If you have nothing yet, I recommend starting with a kit to be sure it will work right away
Raspberry Pi 3B+
The most powerful Pi at the moment.
I test all my tutorials with it, you definitely need it!
Raspberry Pi Zero WH
The smallest one.
Perfect for traveling or keep it always on
Raspberry Pi 3B+ Kit
Everything you need to start on Raspberry Pi 3B+
Case, SD card, power, ...
Raspberry Pi Zero Kit
My favorite kit for Raspberry Pi Zero
At a low price, you get all the accessories
Including convenient stuff like HDMI cable and USB switch

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I recommend these products because I use them myself and I know them.
This is simply a list of what I use and love