Many of you buy a Raspberry Pi to turn it into a retro video game emulator via Retropie
It’s true that it’s quite simple to set up, but you will need some accessories

The really essential accessory is this Buffalo controller (see Amazon), with its retro look it will fit perfectly with your new home console 🙂
And to get the best vintage style, I recommend this case for Raspberry look Super Nintendo

The best controller

The iBuffalo Classic controller allows you to find the type of controller of your childhood on the games of your youth.
With its characteristic style and good quality, your games will be memorable.
The price is very reasonable for this piece of history

The controller uses USB to connect on your Raspberry Pi and will be detected automatically
You will only have to configure the keys in Retropie
It can also be used on PC

A good case

If you want to turn your Raspberry Pi into a game console in the long term, I advise you to buy this case, which will allow you to improve the overall design (your friends will be jealous), but also to add a fan to cool the Raspberry Pi which may be quite busy with your long games 🙂

Indeed cooling is an important factor to consider when you load the CPU of the Raspberry Pi