The basic idea of the existence of Raspberry Pi is to be scalable and so there are hundreds of components that you could add
I’m going to focus here on the ones I know that they’re quickly helpful when you start doing projects on Raspberry Pi

If there were only three components to have when starting, I would recommend these three:

  • This cooling kit on Amazon. If you start to solicit your Raspberry Pi, it’s clear that you have to cool it properly. A kit will save you a lot of time and this one is affordable.
  • This camera on Amazon. Adding a camera is both fun and often useful. But not all are equal. This one allows you to get a 1080p quality while working very well at reduced brightness (perfect for video surveillance)
  • This sound card on Amazon. The best in the market for an excellent price and easy to assemble. To have absolutely for your audio projects


What I advise you to cool your Raspberry Pi properly is to buy this complete cooling kit (click to see it on Amazon).
Everything is included! The heatsinks, the fan and the box. This guarantees that everything will be compatible, you will save time and even money

If you already have some of the components included in this pack, you can, of course, buy only what you need

For basic use, these heatsinks will do a much better job than those provided in the original pack (and obviously if you don’t have any at all it’s just essential)
They are larger than the original ones and use a better thermal dough, which makes them much more efficient. This may be enough

On the other hand, if you ask a lot your Raspberry, pass right away to this double fan which will make you gains some precious degrees.
It is normally compatible with most cases, but check well, and if you need to change the case, take the complete kit as I advised you above


Do you have video surveillance projects? Want to monitor your baby with your Raspberry Pi? I have this awesome camera for you.
It will provide 1080p quality with 5MP images (just that), and it will also allow you to shoot at night or with low visibility, what more could you want?

In addition to this, the installation is simple, you only have to plug the supplied ribbon cable on the camera port of your Raspberry Pi.
The cable is long enough to move the camera away (a little) from the Raspberry if necessary


There are so many projects where the lack of a sound card is a problem.
I advise you to settle this permanently by getting the best internal sound card market at an unbeatable price (check the price on Amazon)

This will allow you to get professional quality sound on your miniature computer
The installation is very simple, but I advise you to get a box of the same brand to hold and protect everything
This will provide you with 2 RCA ports, very easy to use in jack if needed, and the card is detected immediately by Raspbian, no worries to have

With this, you will be able to create your smart stereo, a personal assistant like Alexa or even a karaoke 🙂
There will be no limits to your creativity

PS: There is the same box but metal, although apparently, it looks better, avoid it because it will attenuate the WiFi signal