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Master Python on Raspberry Pi

How to get started on practical projects as soon as possible?

This book is for any Raspberry Pi user that want to spend the less time possible on theory, and go straight to the real life usage of Python.

You’ll discover that you don’t need to spend 5 years at school or read a 1000 pages book about Python to do any project that require some code on your Raspberry Pi.

Yes, there is a first phase where you need to understand the logic behind the code, whatever the language you learn. Then you’ll quickly be able to associate this logic with the Python syntax. But it doesn’t have to take 6 months of hard-work and be boring as hell.

In the first phase, I’ll explain each element with an analogy from the real world, you’ll have no problem to understand. And we’ll quickly put this in practice with fun and useful examples (using a camera, interacting with Minecraft, home automation, etc.).

I can guarantee you’ll overcome your doubts and quickly achieve your goals. Your current level, age or your past failures don’t matter, trust me. 

What I can do for you

Do more with your Raspberry Pi

Python is a fundamental for many projects. Unlock them with the minimal skills you need to get started. 

Learn only the useful concepts

Enjoy the 80/20 rule: A programmer will use 20% of its skills 80% of the time. Why would you bother learning everything if you don’t need it? 

Take the shortcuts

Learn how to go straight to the desired result, without wasting time with best practices and useless abstraction levels. 

Understand what you do

With all the resources on the Internet, we tend to just copy/paste code and hope this will work as expected. It’s often not that simple. You’ll learn how to take advantages of these resources the right way. 

Learn step by step

Am I the only one that read programming tutorials that jump from hello world to interfacing Raspberry Pi with 10 sensors without explaining anything in the middle? Be assured that you’ll really learn step-by-step. Practice exercises will make sure you understand a concept before going further. 

Have confidence in yourself

The most common problem for programming newbies is lack of confidence. In this book, you’ll master the basics, and learn how to break more complex code down to parts you already understand. 

Become a Python Master Now!


  • Digital version of your book (PDF)
  • Source code of each example and exercises solutions.

$17 $15.3


  • Digital version of your book (PDF)
  • Source code of each example and exercises solutions.
  • Worksheets for each chapter, with the main takeaways and action steps
  • Direct access to me (by email), if you are stuck somewhere while reading the book.

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  • Digital version of your book (PDF)
  • Source code of each example and exercises solutions.
  • Worksheets for each chapter, with the main takeaways and action steps
  • Direct access to me (by email), if you are stuck somewhere while reading the book.
  • Accompanying videos for most chapters (over-the-shoulder of me typing, further explanations, and help for the action steps)
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The Uncommon Path to Learn How to Code

I’m confident teaching you the tips and shortcuts to learn Python programming quickly because I have gone down this route.
Yes, I was in a programming school, you are probably in a different situation.
But if you have never gone to that kind of school, that’s probably not what you would expect. In my school we mainly learned the theory (algorithmic). Practice was a bonus, reserved to labs on languages that nobody use anymore.

For example, I had 3 hours of PHP labs, and it became my main job for years 🙂
I learned everything myself, mainly through experimentation.

Same thing with Python by the way, I never saw it at school. I learned it myself, following the same steps I will teach you in this book.

Let me show you how to do the same thing with Python.

It’s a bit like learning how to play piano or any other instrument: 
Do you really want to spend 10 years learning music theory before anything else, or do you prefer the short version and learn the minimum to have fun with it in a few weeks?

Why is it the best time to learn Python?

  • Python is on its way to become the most used language in the world
    It’s a great skill to have on your resume.
  • You already have a Raspberry Pi, this is the best tool to learn Python quickly. Everything you need is included for free.
  • You miss half of the fun of using a Raspberry Pi if you don’t know anything about Python. This is the first step to GPIO, home automation, robots, and all sorts of exciting projects.

None of these piques your interest? In this case, I understand you might not be ready yet.
Otherwise, what are you waiting for? 

I have the perfect offer for you, you’ll learn Python in a short amount of time, by skipping all the complex concepts you’ll never use.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or set aside years of your life to learn this new skill.
Take action now, you won’t regret it!

What’s inside?

  • 30% theory, 70% projects:
    You still need to understand the syntax before anything else, but you’ll see it as quickly as possible, and experiment at each step to make sure everything is clear for you.
  • Perfect for beginners:
    I know from experience that the most complex part is understanding the logic behind the code. Most teachers have forgotten how hard it is for a beginner, and they quickly skip this to teach the language syntax. I will make sure you understand, by using analogies from the real life. Don’t worry about this, you’ll get it, even if it’s your first lesson.   
  • Fun projects:
    The best way to learn is by practicing with interesting projects. For example, we’ll play with a camera, the Minecraft game and smart lights.
  • Save time with free bonuses:
    Once your order completed, you’ll get access to your book and a zip file containing all the source code I use in the book. This way you can save time by skipping typing and avoiding syntax errors.
    You’ll also get my recommendation about the best Python editors you can use and how to install the perfect environment before getting started.
$17 $15.3

Master Python on Raspberry Pi

What will you get?

As soon as your payment is processed, you get access to the PDF version of this book, that you can download on any device forever.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Foreword
  • Raspberry Pi installation
  • Python introduction
  • Python basics
  • Advanced notions
  • Smile, you’re being filmed
  • Let’s play
  • The Christmas tree
  • Communicate with the world
  • Put everything together
  • Appendices

Free bonuses:
– Download a zip file will all the source code for each example and exercise. This way you don’t have to type everything from scratch, and can quickly test the things I explain in the book.
– With the “Plus pack” you also get a worksheet for each chapter, so you don’t need to take notes.
– And with the “Elite pack” you get videos where you can watch me explaining the concepts and doing the exercises, so you’ll see everything in action, no just in theory.

Scroll up to get access to these packs if you need more than the PDF.

What other readers think

Hundreds of people have already read and applied the information in this book to get the results you want. Have a look at what they think:

I like the eBook format for the text, the links to other content on your site are very helpful. The content is well written and very informative. Your teaching style works well for me.
The learning pace set is good with enough homework and exercises to help cement concepts and knowledge in place.
Keith F.
$17 $15.3

Master Python on Raspberry Pi

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