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Unlock the Secrets of Raspberry Pi in 30 Days!

How to become an expert on the Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi world is intriguing, with tons of fascinating projects in the news. 
Most people think it’s nothing more than a tiny computer, and that it shouldn’t be that complicated.

Well, that’s where the problems start:

  • So many models and accessories available, how to choose?
  • What can or can’t be installed on it?
  • What can I really do with it? How?

Every time we think we’ve found the answer to a question that was blocking us, we come across 10 new ones that prevent us from moving forward. This can be totally demotivating.

Often we have bought useless material, wasted a lot of time on different websites and forums and the expected results are still not there.

As for building a house, the solution is not simply to copy and paste what you have seen elsewhere. We must first make sure that our foundations are solid, then add bricks one by one, in a very precise order, in order to obtain the desired result.

This digital book follows exactly this analogy.

Let me guide you through this 30 days challenge, starting with the basics and adding new concepts each day. With a minimum of work on your part, you’ll progress easily, regardless of your current level.

If you really want to progress on Raspberry Pi, this is the only way.
Read this book carefully, experiment on your own and in a month all your problems will be a distant memory.

Master Your Raspberry Pi Now!


  • Digital version of your book only (PDF)

$27 $24.3


  • Digital version of your book (PDF)
  • 3 bonus chapters: Twister OS discovery, how to use an SSD and tips for installing awesome apps in a few seconds

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  • Digital version of your book (PDF)
  • 3 bonus chapters: Twister OS discovery, how to use an SSD and tips for installing awesome apps in a few seconds
  • Get the paperback version of the book.
  • Contact me at anytime to answer your questions about the book tutorials.
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What will this book change for you?

Save Time

After reading, following a tutorial on the Internet will no longer be a problem. You will know exactly what to do if you get stuck.

Save Money

You don’t need so much hardware for your Raspberry Pi. Buy smart and follow my tips to save money.

Have Fun!

The book contains many projects to complete. Rediscover your passion for the Raspberry Pi by easily overcoming the difficulties.

What other readers think

Hundreds of people have already read and applied the information in this book to get the results you want. Have a look at what they think:

I would like to congratulate you with your fantastic book “Master Raspberry Pi in 30 days”

It is well written and even I (without any professional IT experience) can understand most of it. It is very concise and contains enough information to cover the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi and go even more in depth. 
Steven D.
Just bought your ebook – and it’s fantastic! It’s great for anyone trying to lean how to use the Pi (regardeless of experience level). I’ve been working with the Pi for a few years now and still am learning loads from this book, especially in terms of new Linux commands and network capabilities for the Pi. 100% worth the buy! Thank you!!
Ethan’s Pi Tips (YouTuber)
This book is exactly what I need. I’m at the early chapters learning and trying all the settings, but I saw that the last chapters are much more intense, which clearly shows that the book goes from beginner to expert. I’m really happy with this purchase, and I’m so impatient to finish the book. 
This is the book I’ve been waiting for. […] almost all of the information I’ve wanted is here. Great job and reading this a chapter or two a day really works. 
I’ve learned more about my Raspberry Pi obsession during the last 5 weeks than I have over the last 3 years.
Your book is great. You filled a need that was greatly needed. I look forward to using your new Bootcamp training course. […] Thanks for your dedication to helping Pi users.
Ralph Manfredo
The book is great Patrick and it gives so much information and different ways of achieving the same goals. 
I like the step-by-step guide of the book and the fact that the exercises you provided are very helpful. 
Excellent reading material for a novice, thoroughly enjoyed it and will keep it around as reference material as I progress 🙂
Mick T.
$27 $24.3

Master Raspberry Pi in 30 days

Digital download

Who am I?

Table of contents

The file is delivered in PDF format (about 20 MB).
You can get the paperback version in the “Elite” package (see above).

It contains over 300 pages in color, on the following topics

  • Foreword
  • Day 1: Hardware selection 
  • Day 2: Prepare your Raspberry Pi Hardware 
  • Day 3: Going Further 
  • Day 4: Raspbian Desktop Installation 
  • Day 5: Raspbian Desktop Overview 
  • Day 6: Software management on Raspbian Desktop 
  • Day 7: Pimp your Raspberry Pi 
  • Day 8: Remote Access your Raspberry Pi 
  • Day 9: Discover Raspbian Lite 
  • Day 10: Raspbian Lite Configuration 
  • Day 11: Raspbian Lite Basic Commands
  • Day 12: Nano Commands and Shortcuts 
  • Day 13: Secure your Raspberry Pi 
  • Day 14: Backup and Restore your Raspberry Pi
  • Day 15: 3 servers projects to start with 
  • Day 16: 3 projects ideas to use your Raspberry Pi at home 
  • Day 17: Gaming on Raspberry Pi with Retropie 
  • Day 18: Gaming on Raspberry Pi: Other options 
  • Day 19: Programming on Raspberry Pi: Python basics 
  • Day 20: GPIO Introduction 
  • Day 21: Discover Raspberry Pi HATs 
  • Day 22: Advanced Python Notions
  • Day 23: Raspberry Pi Zero Introduction
  • Day 24: Raspberry Pi Zero Accessories
  • Day 25: Raspberry Pi & Security tools
  • Day 26: Other Raspberry Pi Operating systems
  • Day 27: Shell scripting on Raspberry Pi
  • Day 28: Minecraft Pi Coding
  • Day 29: Manage your Raspberry Pi from a web interface
  • Day 30: 30 Bonus Tips For Raspberry Pi
  • Conclusion
$27 $24.3

Master Raspberry Pi in 30 days

Digital format (paperback only available with Elite pack).

From beginner to expert in Raspberry Pi. Learn useful Linux skills and practice multiples projects with step-by-step guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already know the basics, is this product for me?

Because of its step-by-step organization, it’s easy to skip a few chapters or skim through what you already know. 
Whatever your current level, this book should give you exactly what you need to go further with your Raspberry Pi. The variety of topics covered allows for a complete mastery of the possibilities and their implementation.

What happens after the purchase?

You will be able to download your PDF file immediately after payment.
You will also have access to the member’s area, and you will receive an email allowing you to download the product again if needed.

How long does the download remain available?

Your purchase is available for life, or at least as long as the RaspberryTips site exists.
You can download it again if you lose it or want to read it on another device.

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