About Patrick Fromaget

Patrick Fromaget is the lead author and owner of RaspberryTips.com.
His goal is to help you with your Raspberry Pi problems using detailed guides and tutorials.
In real life, he is a Linux system administrator with a web developer experience.

My Story

My name is Patrick, I live in France and I went to a developer school a long time ago 🙂

I have worked in different companies for 20 years now, always as a computer expert.

In 2004, I got my first job as an IT technician. During this period I improved my skills in development and created a few tools for the company (mostly using web languages like PHP).

Four years later, I moved to a new company, to work as a developer and an IT technician (70%/30%).
I learned many things on PHP, MySQL and Linux. By doing the users support, I also tried many tools and software between two stupid problems 🙂
I’m still in this company now (yes, it’s a long time!), 100% as a system administrator and I’m leading a team of 3 persons.

A little overview of my Raspberry Pi hardware


In 2018, I started a Raspberry Pi hobby to apply my Linux knowledge in home projects.
In the same year, I started the RaspberryTips.com website to share my experiences.

I try to help people learn new skills on Linux and Raspberry Pi through the use of how-to guides and I also try to give them new ideas with inspirational posts.
And simultaneously, I try to improve my level in English 🙂

In 2020, I wrote a book about Raspberry Pi, with the goals to help new users getting started with their device, and improve their skills until they master almost everything on Raspberry Pi.

This book has been a best-seller in its category on Amazon, for a short period of time during the summer.
It’s now available directly on the website, where I also have a companion course for those who need more help for their first steps.

Other websites

I’m also working on many other websites (French and English).
You can check my website at PatrickFromaget.com to get more information about me and these websites.

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