About RaspberryTips

RaspberryTips is a website about the Raspberry Pi, a single board computer
RaspberryTips offers tutorials and inspirational posts to help you with your projects on this device


RaspberryTips has been started in July 2018.
For the moment, all the posts on this website were written by Patrick Fromaget

My goal (Patrick) at the beginning was to document anything I will discover on Raspberry Pi.
Even if I’m experienced on Linux, I bought my first Raspberry Pi simultaneously with the domain name. 
Weeks after weeks, I fell in love with this device, and the website started to develop with maybe 30 new tutorials after 2 months.

Three months later, I realize that the website is now a success and was receiving over 10,000 visitors in the last 30 days.
The website popularity has continued to grow in the following months.
Then I never stop to try new thing and add new content on the website

Today, RaspberryTips is one of the most popular websites about Raspberry Pi.
And I’m working on many projects to continue growing it as a reference for the Raspberry Pi.


Master Raspberry Pi
(in 30 days)

This book is a challenge you take, to lead you from the beginning towards mastering the Raspberry Pi device.
The course is divided into 30 steps. The idea is to make one little step a day to be an expert in 30 days.
In each step you discover a new concept, go through the details and then go to practice.


Raspberry Pi Bootcamp


Using a Raspberry Pi shouldn’t be complicated, let me guide you to save time, money and enjoy any new project faster than ever.

Understand how it works, stop searching for help all the time and finally enjoy completing your projects!

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