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Free gift: Download my Raspberry Pi glossary

Maybe you don’t need it, but I want to give you my Raspberry Pi glossary, with all of the technical words you might find in my articles. Take a look at it while you are waiting for my email. Even if you are able to learn one word from this file, I’ll be happy to help.

Want more? Master your Raspberry Pi in 30 days!

You are trying to learn more about the command line, which is a good thing. Many projects require it, and it can also be very useful in your career if you are in IT. But I often see students with good intent learning the wrong way. If you try to understand the command line before knowing the Linux basics like the distributions, software management and file systems, a cheat sheet might not be enough.

That’s why I wrote a complete e-book, guiding you from being beginner to becoming an expert in only 30 days. Each day, start a new chapter, learn new Linux skills in the right order and practice with many interesting projects. You can find all the details here:

Master your Raspberry Pi in 30 days

This book is a challenge that will lead you from learning to mastering the Raspberry Pi device. The course is divided into 30 steps. The idea is to make one little step a day to become an expert in 30 days.
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