In this page I will share my experience on Raspberry Pi, so you can make your purchases knowingly

My tutorials may have given you ideas of projects to achieve on your side and that’s precisely the goal of this website
If you need new components for your Raspberry Pi, you will find my tips here

I spent hours testing products, whether for my projects or tutorials on this website
I bought a lot of products, of more or less good quality

And so I can now save you time, by telling you my favorite product in each category.
That way you’ll immediately know  which one is right for you

If you are here, I imagine you have at least the basic Raspberry Pi so I will focus on the possible extensions (hardware, accessories, …)

Apparently, in each case, I justify my choices so that you understand the process that leads me to advise you about this product or another.
I wish you success in your projects and at the best price