How to use a PS4 controller on Retropie? (the easy way)

The PS4 controller from Sony (Dualshock 4) is a masterpiece of technology and game comfort And if you already have one, I understand why you want to use it on Retropie Today, I’ll show you how to install it and enjoy the pleasure of retro gaming with a high-tech controller How to use a PlayStation 4 controller on Retropie? You can use the Sony PS4 controller in three different ways: with an USB cable, wireless with the Sony USB adapter or with regular Bluetooth While the USB cable usage is straightforward, the Bluetooth part could be tough to understand There is a specific procedure to follow and I’ll show you how in this post I’ll browse through the three methods, from the simplest to the more difficult one But no worry, all the methods work, I have tested all of them during the writing If you don’t have the controller yet, or would like other ones, you can find it on Amazon for example. You don’t need a PS4 to enjoy its ultimate controller 🙂

Install PS4 controller with a USB cable

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As I said in the introduction, the installation with an USB cable is the easiest one You just need to use it like any controller:
  • Start with the Raspberry Pi turned off
  • Plug the PS4 controller to a USB port with the cable.
  • Boot the Raspberry Pi and wait for the Retropie configuration menu
  • When the controller configuration wizard appear, hold any key to start the configuration
  • Then hit each key as asked, to create the controller configuration
  • Finally, click “OK”, the PS4 controller is ready to use
You can start to enjoy your PS4 controller easily using the cable But it’s not the most comfortable, I know you want to use it wirelessly 🙂

Install PS4 controller with the USB adapter

Sony released a USB stick to connect easily your PS4 controller to a PC or a MAC And it also applies for your Raspberry Pi As the Bluetooth method we’ll see after is difficult, and will not work in all cases, this may be a good alternative if you have one or can buy one (check the price on Amazon). With this adapter, you’ll be able to use your controller on any machine: PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi and of course PS4. Cheap products may work, but this one will avoid bugs, drivers problems and headaches 🙂 Once you have it, follow this procedure to make it work in Retropie:
  • Plug the USB adapter on a free Raspberry Pi port
  • As soon as you connect it, it should start to blink This means that it’s searching for a device
  • Push the USB adapter a few seconds to put it in pairing mode The light should now blink faster The USB adapter is ready
  • On the controller, press and hold the “Share” and “PS” key The controller also enters pairing mode
  • A few seconds later, both should display a static light, they are now paired
Then follow the configuration wizard to assign each key to a different control It was rather easy, but you need to have an additional accessory, or even spend some money to invest in the USB adapter If you prefer, you can try the last association method: regular Bluetooth (check the next paragraph for this)

Install PS4 controller via Bluetooth

The last option is to connect your PS4 controller to your Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth only, without any USB stick On a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for example, you have a buil-it Bluetooth card, so you don’t need anything else But you need to know that this will not work with all Playstation 4 controllers In the Retropie documentation, they are not sure why, but they say that recent controllers seems to not work in Bluetooth whereas the “old” ones works fine Anyway, if you don’t have a Sony USB stick for the moment, you need to try this procedure and see what happens:
  • Start with the Raspberry Pi turned off (it’s not mandatory, but it’s easier for me to explain)
  • You need to have a keyboard plugged (or a Bluetooth one like mine)
  • Then boot your Raspberry Pi
  • When Retropie asks you for the controller configuration, use the keyboard Choose a key for each action, and remember at least what you selected for the navigation arrows, the start button and the A button
  • Go to Retropie configuration
    • Then in Retropie Setup
    • Choose the Configuration / tools menu
    • You should find a Bluetooth section in the next menu, click on it
    • Click on “Register and Connect to Bluetooth Device
    • The wizard turns into “Searching” mode
    • Simultaneously, turn your PS4 controller into “Pairing” mode Press and hold the “Share” and “PS” button The PS4 controller light starts to blink fast
    • After a few seconds, the Bluetooth wizard shows you all available devices Select the PS4 controller in the list (for me it was “Wireless controller”)
    • Choose the first option for the security mode (“DisplayYesNo” for me)
    • You should get a success message like “Successfully registered and connected to <MACADDRESS>”
    • That’s it. Exit the Retropie Setup menu and go back to the home menu
  • In the home menu, click on your Start button to open the main menu
  • Scroll down to select “Configure Input” and confirm you want to do this
  • Then configure the PS4 controller by holding a button pressed 3 seconds Follow the wizard to configure each action and submit with “OK” You can now use your PlayStation 4 controller with the wireless mode!
If you have any issue after this procedure, like keys not working correctly, even in the Retropie menu, your controller may not be compatible with the Bluetooth mode You need to go back to the previous section, and buy an USB adapter (Amazon link here), or you won’t be able to use this controller with your Raspberry Pi

Related Questions

Is it possible to use a PS3 controller instead? Yes, it’s possible to use a PS3 controller. With an USB cable it should work directly. But for wireless mode you may need to install an additional drive (ps3controller in Retropie Setup > Manage drivers). Then follow the same Bluetooth association, but in the Configuration / Tools > ps3controller menu. Why is my right analog stick not working on N64 games? Like me, you don’t remember well the original N64 controller 🙂 The Nintendo controller had only one analog stick doing everything (move and camera), so you don’t need your right stick, even if you are used to playing with it for the camera n64 controler
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Thanks to all my Patrons for supporting me, helping me to keep doing this and producing even more tutorials for everyone! Thank you to everyone supporting me there.

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That’s it, you can now use your PlayStation controller (3 or 4) on your Retropie system You can then play old games with the comfort and the technology from a high-tech controller If you want to use other controllers, there is a documentation page on the Retropie GitHub wiki for a lot of them: click here and check the bottom of the right menu There is a “Controller” submenu with all compatible controllers
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